Saturday Tour Staff

If you’ve been to a Saturday Tour at BuffBrew, you already know it’s a party. Why not get paid to enjoy your weekend? Our Saturday Tour Staff are beer lovers from all over Houston that man the bar, greet people, DJ (if that’s your thing), and basically just party with the Herd. In addition to festivities during the shift, at the end Tour Staff gets two 22 oz. bombers and a growler (if you have one) fill-up from the tap wall!


You do need to be TABC-certified to be part of the Saturday Tour Staff, if you’re not already (or your certification expired). Getting TABC-certified can be done online, we recommend because it’s pretty quick and semi-entertaining to read.

Once you have your TABC certification, email a copy of it to [email protected] so we can have it on file, and then sign up for a Saturday Tour slot!

Happy Touring!


July sign-ups:

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