Houston, you deserve a beer. You’ve worked your ass off and endured so much. To thank you, we’re donating an entire batch of beer to the city of Houston. #CrushHarvey

100% of all our revenues from Crush City, our most anticipated Fall release, will go to Harvey Relief. Forget proceeds, forget portions, we’re talking every single penny. No asterisks, no equivocation, no fine print. We’re donating material costs, labor costs, taxes, all profits, everything- 100% of all revenues will go to Hou.

You can get Crush City in our taproom Friday 5pm-9pm or Saturday 12-3pm, until it runs out.

Or check out a list below of bars around town that are participating in #CrushHarvey.

In true-Houstonian fashion, our partners have already humbled us with their overwhelming generosity. Our distribution partners, Faust Distributing (Houston) and Hops & Vines (San Antonio) are also donating 100% of their revenues on Crush City. Many of our favorite bars and restaurants are pledging matching funds as well. When we mentioned the idea to Ben Fullelove, he immediately, without hesitation (and without us even asking) offered to donate 100% of his revenues for Crush City pints sold at Petrol Station and Brash Brewing Co. It’s moments like this when we realize how big your heart is, Houston. And the path forward: #laborforyourneighbor.

Houston was founded on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou on August 25th, 1836. It’s sadly ironic that on August 25th, 2017, that same Bayou rose up over its shores and swallowed up Downtown. We saw Nature, red in tooth and claw, at her fiercest as Harvey tried to crush us. But he couldn’t crush our spirits. We were on the big screen, y’all. The whole damn planet was watching us and we showed them who we are and what we care about: love & hard work.

Houston’s a get $#!t done city. We’re a city founded by explorers, builders, engineers. We put a man on the Moon. We literally power the entire world with our hard work. We get $#!t done so well that we help the world get their $#!t done too. And we do it quietly. We put our head down and we get to work. And that’s exactly what we showed the world when they tuned in to witness the biggest, most devastating storm in America’s history. They saw a City full of caring loving people who express their love through acts of kindness for strangers, volunteering and hard-ass work. A City doing the only thing it knows how to do: get $#!t done.

It’s an honor to share the fruits of our labors with our neighbors who are working so hard for everyone else.

If you listen to the talking heads on TV, our Country has never been more divided. It feels like nothing can be accomplished. Sometimes it feels like this world is full of empty words, pointless tweets, fake news and inaction. Nationally, we’re consumed by divisive, scorched-earth, blame-game politics. Locally, that’s not what we saw last week.

Thank you, Mayor Turner, County Judge Emmett, and Police Chief Acevedo for teaching us true leadership & giving us courage in crisis. You stood side-by-side and worked without a hint of partisanship. On the front lines, our First Responders, and Private Citizens, risked their lives to save other lives. There was no hesitation, just Texans (and Cajuns!) helping other Texans.

So here’s to you, Houston! Raise a glass, you deserve it! But not too much, there’s work to be done.

You can find Crush City at the below bars:

8 Row Flint

Armadillo Palace


Backyard Grill

Barry’s Pizza

Beer Market Studemont

Bovine Barley

Brash Brewing Co.

Cedar Creek Bar & Grill

Chapman & Kirby


Craft Pride

Drink of Ages

Glitter Karaoke


The Hay Merchant

Heights Bier Garten

Henry Hudson’s Pub

Hi Hat

Hopdoddy, Rice Village

Hopdoddy, River Oaks

Hughie’s Tavern & Vietnamese Grille

Irish Cowboy

Jupiter Pizza

Kirby Icehouse

Kroger – 1035 N. Shepherd

La Grange


Liberty Station

Little Woodrow’s Bellaire, Shepherd, Heights, Rice Village

Local Foods, Kirby, Rice Village, San Felipe

Old Chicago

On Tap

Onion Creek Cafe

The Petrol Station

Pink’s Pizza Washington

Poison Girl


The Shack – Telge

Texas Mesquite Grill – Cypress