5th Anniversary Party Roll Call!

January 28th
6pm – 9pm

We like to define our success in our accomplishments, rather than years. Join us to celebrate the 56 beers we’ve released in the past 5 years. None of which could’ve been possible without die hard fans and our amazing beer community.
30+ Crazy Beers

Traditionally, the 5th-anniversary gift is wood, which is exactly what you’re gonna to get when you see our beer list. We always blow it up big for our anniversaries because really this party is to thank you. So just trust us when we say there’ll be “amazing, one of a kind, special beer” or take a look at out 2016 menu and use your imagination.

BBQ, Beer’s BFF

Our dear friends and purveyors of all things sacrilegiously good, The Blood Bros. BBQ crew have become our fat kid staple since our 2nd Anniversary. No matter what they do, the bar is so high we can’t fathom what’s in store for you.

Brewey Beer Buffalo Bayou

This Ain’t No Slow Dance!

Our partners at Wonky Power will be curating our music lineup this year from some amazingly talented local artists. Look for a final band list next week with our beer menu sneak preview.


400 Of Your Closest Friends

Parties are fun, but they’re even more fun with friends – invite them too. If they’re not your friends at the beginning of the night, they sure as hell will be at the end.

Brewey Beer Buffalo Bayou

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No, I hate having fun

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