We will be closing the Restaurant & Taproom from 3-4pm today, June 2, 2020, in solidarity with all of the peaceful individuals who are protesting a system that we find to be tragically and fundamentally broken, including our Mayor, Sylvester Turner, and our Police Chief, Art Acevedo.

When this pandemic started, we knew we were witnessing history unfolding around us.

Now, with sobering events that once again remind us how often despicable abuses of power happen everyday throughout our society (cloaked in racism today, & will morph into some new flavor of hate tomorrow), we find ourselves witnessing yet another "once in a lifetime" moment. How many more will there be until we finally deliver justice to All Americans?

So what will we do with this moment?

How will we show who we are and what we care about?

How will Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company demonstrate the values, now and in a very public way so that we can be seen and be counted?

I try my absolute hardest to separate my role as CEO (and my responsibility to our organization in the way that far supersedes myself) versus my moral obligation to speak out as a concerned citizen. I edit everything I say in public, I hold my tongue, I show patience as people express opinions that are antithetical to my core existence as a human being. I show this strength in hopes that we can educate, shine our beacon brighter, and win them in the long game… and yet also knowing that I only have this platform and voice because of the hard work of a community of people with diverse opinions.

But today I'm not going to hold back or flinch; today those two voices are one, and we are going to stand up, be seen, and be counted.

Everyone that knows Buff Brew knows our unequivocal, unflinching, and unwavering commitment to Social Justice.

Buff Brew walks the walk every day because we built this brewery as a gathering place that accepts people from all walks of life both as teammates and guests.

In fact, I'll go on record now and claim we are Houston's Most Diverse Brewery (and by design, since diversity fuels creativity).

Over last weekend, we witnessed a boiling point. We've been at 200 degrees for my entire life, and in some ways this moment feels different, yet in too many ways it feels precisely the same as it ever has been.

It is time get serious about healing our Nation, and it’s time for all the leaders throughout every community in America to reinforce the values of equal opportunity and social justice for all.

And even in this storm, there is light. And more importantly, a path out. I have been so proud of Houston throughout this challenge. Police Chief Acevedo lives & breathes the rhetoric of healing the community, and Mayor Turner has been on the frontlines alongside him, arm in arm with peaceful protestors. They are showing true leadership on the front lines, walking the walk, protecting people’s right to assemble and speak freely without persecution, and also protecting the peace as beacons of cool-headed responsibility in defiance of darker elements.

And that’s why today we are proud to support this great leadership and contribute to the collective voices calling for immediate and meaningful change.

Thank you,