Our First Friendsgiving Feast:

20 Plates for 2020 IS CANCELED.

Because #2020…

This message is to inform you that this year’s Friendsgiving 2020 Feast has been canceled, due to inclement weather and a promise to keep our friends, family, and guests a #1 priority. We wanted to keep it open air and socially distanced on the rooftop but moving inside would not allow us to safely execute an event at our 33% capacity.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to celebrating with you again soon. If you purchased tickets, we are issuing full refunds and will be reaching out individually. For questions, please contact us and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Join us as we Celebrate the Year in Food & Beer

with each plate pairing paying homage to those who inspired us in 2020


For all the turmoil & anxiety we experienced throughout the year,

2020 has reminded us of the importance of friendship & gratitude.

This Holiday Season, more than any other year,

we count our blessings for making it (nearly) through the 2020 gauntlet.

Thank you to the Herd, our Friends & Family who dug in deep to

stick together & help each other get through the weirdest year of a lifetime.


So now we pay homage to all the folks who inspired us

the only we way we know how:


An Absurd Amount Of Crazy Silly Foods & Beers

As Curious And Challenging As 2020 Itself

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2020: you've been a pile of crap

but we’re making it work.

And now we’re going to cheer 2020 out that cold December door with

Neon Explosions of Delicious Flavors and exceptionally horrible puns.


20 Plates. Yes, 20. 20 different plates... Some big, some small, all yummy.

Each creative, flavorful, hand-crafted & thoughtfully paired

One might even say each plate is a "dish" on 2020 (yup, the writing is gonna be that bad folks).


We’ll announce the full menu & beer pairings shortly, but here’s a little sneak peak at the

Plates, beers, cheers & jeers befitting such a tumultuous year:

Sneak Peek Menu:

The Pink Slip

Shaved Spam with a Sour Grape gastrique & a healthy severance of mixed greens


Just Roll With It

When life gives you lemons & thyme, just grab some Lobster and Roll with it


Ribeye & Pate Bánh Mì

One of Chef Arash's favorite dishes of the year was at Cook-off.

Magnificently marbled Ribeye Cap cold-smoked then finished on the grill

& snuggled in pate on a baguette w/ all the Bánh mì fixins

Way to f*ck up a perfectly good Ribeye, Chef. Why can't you just do it normal?

Sage Smoked Prime Rib

Of course you gotta go big for big meals like these and y’all know Chef brings the beef every damn time.

To clear out all the crazy negative energy poppin' off in 2020,

Chef is gonna sage-smoke & garlic some good juju into some Prime Rib, for your spiritual safety.


Hurricane Brûlée Tart

Our fortunate city was missed by an onslaught of hurricanes this year.

As an offering to the Storm Gods for dessert,

we’re turning the classic hurricane drink into fruity Crème Brûlée tart

(Paired with Richard’s Rainwater, naturally)


Dumpster Fire Dessert

Because the only logical way to end a 2020 Dinner is to

light something sweet on fire

Join Us!

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As always, our Friends', Family & Guests' health is priority #1


  • When you choose to dine with us, we honor that trust by doing everything we can to keep you as safe as possible in these complex & scary times.
  • Great Hospitality means taking care of you as we would our own family, and we take that very seriously.
  • We follow scientists’ advice, ignore politicians, and are constantly adjusting and tweaking every aspect of our service standards to ensure that you & our staff are as safe as possible by controlling what we’re able to control.
  • These are just a few of the actions we’ve taken to ensure we’re acting responsibly:
  • Self-Imposed 33% capacity, tougher than the law requires, w/ service standards that exceed the Governor’s suggestions.
  • Outdoor, Open-Air Rooftop Patio: 80% of seats are in on open air Rooftop, some will be in the Sunset Gallery with the big Garage Door open (so you’re getting all outside air with lots of flow)
  • Mask up: all employees & vendors all the time, guests wear masks except at table
  • Socially Distanced w/ Assigned Seats: All parties are capped at 8 and separated by 6’ or more
  • Constant Cleaning: high-touch surfaces are sanitized on set routines throughout the facility
  • And so much more… if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask!